Some untouched things about subdivision Haveli Kharagpur and some new information about Haveli Kharagpur. Haveli Kharagpur, a subdivision of Munger district which used to be the Legislative Assembly of India till 2008 after independence. This is the same mansion Kharagpur which after independence, when the first Bihar Legislative Assembly elections were held in independent India, Shri Krishna Singh was elected MLA for the first time from this prestigious Haveli Kharagpur Legislative Assembly in Munger district and he had the privilege of becoming the first Chief Minister of Bihar. Received and illuminated the name of Bihar State with Haveli Kharagpur District Munger. But in the new delimitation in 2008, the Haveli Kharagpur Legislative Assembly was abolished and it is said that the old leaders from here have increased their wealth, property, prestige, prestige, only those people have done the old and prestigious Haveli Kharagpur Legislative Assembly under a conspiracy. Deleted the name of the assembly and made Haveli Kharagpur a part of it by making Tarapur Vidhan Sabha under the new delimitation 2008. Somewhere the name of the subdivision from this beautiful, Ach Kharagpur Bihar would also be heard, which is a short name of Haveli Kharagpur. This subdivision of Munger district is famous for tourism and education in many ways. Here you can go to Kharagpur Lake via Lake Road, here is the new Government Polytechnic College, Navodaya Vidyalaya, Hari Singh Degree College which is affiliated to Munger University. You can reach Kharagpur from Munger via Bariarpur, you can come via Tarapur, you can come via Jamui. Here ie Haveli Kharagpur subdivision, you can come only by road, you cannot come here by air, here ie there is no airport in the subdivision Haveli Kharagpur, and it is not situated on the banks of any big river where you can come by water route. The only way to reach here is by road, through which you can come to Kharagpur subdivision Haveli of Munger district by your vehicle.